Jewellery Art and Feathery Fantasy

  • Gudrun Arp, Maria Baumschlager, Birgit S.Metzger and
    artists of the gallery
  • 6 Feb - 23 March 2019

Maria Baumschlager, necklace “blossom of plumes”,

plumes goose; foto: Julia Wesely

For the ball season Galerie Slavik presents feather creations of great extravagance and sensuality – hats, collars and bags by Maria Baumschlager-Dünser and Birgit Sophie Metzger, a perfect dream, light as a feather to adorn you for your appearance on the dance floor.

Gudrun Arp draws from her rich collection of feathers and develops festive creations of shining splendour that lightly and elegantly enfold the wearer’s body. Birgit Sophie Metzger exhibits her extravagantly colourful, tuck-in “headpieces” made of feathers. The cockerel-feather capes of Maria BaumschlagerDünser, variegated and harmonious images of nature, are made to warm and veil bare shoulders on a cold winter night.

Glorious colours, sparkling pizazz and irrepressible zest for life are proven antidotes against the rain and slush of the late-winter blues! Come and take your fill – and invite your friends to join us too!

On Thursday, 7 Feb and 7 March we are opened until 9 pm to spend an evening of amusement and pleasure with creative headwear and feathery finery with you!  Nicola Heidemann will show her latest works.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Renate Slavik & Jutta Pietsch