International Jewellery Art – Rike Bartels

  • artists of the gallery
  • 28 Aug - 14 Sept 2019

Rike Bartels, ring sculpture RUBY, gold, rubies



Interview with the artist: 12 September from 6 p.m.


Following the summer break, the Slavik Gallery is presenting a wide range of jewellery art from the hands of its many wonderful artists. The works are crafted in a great variety of materials – from gold or silver and stainless steel or porcelain through to bronze. Magically enchanting, sober and severe, amusing, poetic, eye-catchingly exciting – their sheer diversity is a constant source of fascination!

The exhibition also has a special focus on the German jewellery artist Rike Bartels, who has a special love not only for the powerful colours of sparkling precious stones but also for the hidden beauty of everyday materials. With these she creates miniature sculptures that tell stories. Her ring sculpture Circe, for example, is an evocative portrait of the enchantress from the Odyssey, with a bird-like head. In the VIENNA CITY GALLERY WALK, Katharina Kielmann will introduce her listeners to Rike Bartels’ fantastically imaginative creative work.

The striking new brooches/ pendants by Joaquim Capdevila with the title BLACK LIGHT ON SILVER transport wearers and beholders alike into mystical worlds: shrouded in dark clouds, elements from earlier works reappear like flashes of lightning!

We are looking forward to seeing you!

With warmest greetings,

Renate Slavik & Jutta Pietsch


 artist´s talk on 12 Sept. 2019

moderation: Katharina Kielmann


Rike Bartels and Katharina Kielmann preparing their talk

Jewellery lovers met at the Slavik Gallery and listened fascinated.

The ring sculpture COCKTAILS IN SPACE  was inspired by the portraits of the American painter George Condo.

Rike Bartels has stories to tell. In many of her works she is referring to 20th century  artists like Andy Warhol, Philip Guston, Alberto Modigliani…

Sculptures en miniature – earrings DOUBLE DOG PORTRAIT, gold, coral

The earrings by Nicola Heidemann have found a happy new owner!

The women of Vienna taking part in the Vienna City Gallery Walk were visiting the Slavik Gallery and were very fond of the exhibiton and Rike Bartels work!

Rike Bartels explaining her work – thank you very much for this great evening with you, Rike!