Jewellery desire

  • Rike Bartels, Ralph Bakker, Alexandra Brachtendorf, Stephan Hampala, Anna Heindl, Mirjam Hiller, Kazumi Nagano, Letizia Plankensteiner, Jacqueline Ryan
  • 2 June - 31 July 2021

Jacqueline Ryan, necklace “lapis and clams”, gold, lapis lazuli, 2019

Rike Bartels, ring “la majorelle”, gold, jade, rubies, tourmalines, emeralds, 2018

Now that we can at last open our ‘heavenly’ doors again, it is a joy for us to present an exciting selection of recent works by our artists inspired by the theme JEWELLERY OF DESIRE.

Jacqueline Ryan’s intricate and delicate works of jewellery art evoke the desire for leisure and – just look at her enchanting lightsome “lapis and clams” necklace – the deep blue sea.

Letizia Plankensteiner, a lover of fauna and flora, enfolds her newest creations in the ever-returning desire for peace and quiet amid the steady changes of the natural world.

The fascinating necklace variations that Nicola Heidemann crafts out of sea-blue titanium transport us to a world of unending beaches, radiant blue skies and glassy calm seas.

With a special feeling for proportion and colour, the young French jewellery artist Julie Decubber transforms antique porcelain plates into fascinating and delicate necklaces. Her colliers tell exciting stories – both from our daily lives and from times past.

The colourful feathery-light chains and necklaces of Karola Torkos are quite simply a delight to heart and soul!

A feast of colours and irresistible forms awaits you at this year’s summer exhibition JEWELLERY OF DESIRE.

With warmest greetings,

Renate Slavik and Jutta Pietsch