Jewellery desire

  • artists of the gallery
  • 22 June - 30 July 2022

Michael Becker, necklace, gold, lapislazuli

Foto: Julia Wesely

With a lot of joy we are presenting an exciting selection of recent works by our artists inspired by the theme JEWELLERY OF DESIRE.

Choose your personal summer highlight within the jewellery pieces of Ulrike Kleine-Behnke – clear forms and strong monochrome colours framed in silver.

Ylenia Deriu was inspired by the fascinating and colourful world of the coral reefs in the Indo-Pacific ocean. With a lot of love and diligence she is making colourful and cheerful Pendants and brooches called „Acanthastrea“.

Heidemarie Herb is in an constant interaction between colour and ornament, delicate pearls and tiny precious stones are giving her blue and earrings a baroque touch. The colours, a strong blue and a beautiful lemon yellow, are attracting your attention.

Light and playful variations of necklaces of the young artist Pei Wu from Taiwan are conveying joy of life and attesting individuality.

A feast of colours and irresistible forms awaits you at this year’s summer exhibition JEWELLERY OF DESIRE