Jewellery Art

  • Michael Becker
  • 19 Oct - 18 Nov 2017

Michael Becker, necklace, lapis lazuli, gold

Michael Becker, ring sculpture, azurite, gold

The Slavik Gallery is devoting its latest exhibition to Michael Becker, who this year was awarded one of the coveted prizes of the Danner Foundation, Munich. At this exhibition the highly and widely esteemed jewellery artist Michael Becker is presenting a range of new and fascinating creations.

Michael Becker’s jewellery combines architectural rigour with a lively sensuality. His highly developed feeling for form enables him to tame the wild chaos of the cosmos, setting unfinished lapis lazuli, sparkling green uvarovite and red rhodonite in strikingly simple forms. Becker works with the contrast beween the various gemstones and the precious radiance of gold, which he also uses as a colour.

Michael Becker’s perfectly crafted jewellery sculptures are always the fruit of an intensive engagement with movement, rhythm, light and colour. Shadows and paths of light over landscapes of stone generate a play of colour that brings the jewellery to life as it moves: constantly new, charming and unexpected.

Breathtaking colliers in ravishing gold, arresting sculptural rings set with unpolished azurite, earrings in raw red rhodonite – open yourself up to the enchantment of these sublime works of art!

We are looking forward to your coming and hope you will bring your friends with you.

Renate Slavik & Jutta Pietsch

Vernissage: 19 October 2017

Fantastic jewellery creations of gold and uvarovite

Wonderful ring sculptures of gold and azurite

The jewellery artist Michael Becker and Renate Slavik

Fascinating earrings of lapis lazuli and gold