E. Jesus Defner & Helfried Kodré

  • 12.10. - 12.11.2016

Helfried Kodré, brooch, silver, amber

Elisabteh J. Defner, necklace, silver, rutil quartz, moonstone, nuts, cd

Artist talk
13.10.2016 at 19:00
With E. Jesus Defner and Helfried Kodré.
Moderation: Dr. Heidi Bollmann

Geometrical designs of the finest quality and precision.

Renate Slavik welcomes the artists, clients and friends at the jewellery talk with Elisabeth J.Defner and Helfried Kodré.

Heidi Bollmann, collector and jewellery lover, is introducing the artists.

Helfried Kodré`s latest works.

Lisa Defner is talking about her work.

Great interest on the part of the visitotors.

The artist is explaining her work to a client.