Galerie Slavik
Himmelpfortgasse 17
A-1010 Vienna

Opening hours

We-Fr 10-13h and 14-18h,
Sa 11-17h (in July 11-14h)


Telephone: +43 1 513 48 12

Our gallery is located in Himmelpfortgasse in Vienna’s historic city centre, no distance from the winter palace of the art-lover Prince Eugene of Savoy. A jewel of the Baroque era, the palace is also an exhibition location for contemporary art, though in very splendid and stately surroundings. Every era finds its own language and it is a wonderful privilege to be actively engaged in this task.

How to find us:
Partner institutions:

Danner Stiftung, Munich
Grassi Museum, Leipzig
Schmuckmuseum Pforzheim
Fondazione Cominelli , San Felice di Benaco, Italy