Gerti Machacek & Letizia Plankensteiner

  • 6.4. - 30.4.2016

Letizia Plankensteiner, earrings, gold

Artist Talk
on 09.04. at 15:00
With Gerti Machacek and Letizia Plankensteiner.
Moderation: Beatrix Kramlovsky.

The present exhibition in the Slavik Gallery’s jubilee series “Jewellery in the Tide of Time” focuses on the two Austrian jewellery artists Gerti Machacek and Letizia Plankensteiner. Common to both is a sculptural approach and a preference for gold and silver as their materials of choice.

Gerti Machacek sees her sculptural jewellery as means of remembering and of seeking identity. For our jubilee year she has created the jewellery-triad “Time – Steps – Parable”, a unfied group consisting of three crystals of the gemstone tanzanite fashioned as a brooch and two rings. Through the choice and manner of the mounts the artist strengthens the crystal’s light structures and shows them off to their best and most brilliant effect.

Letizia Plankensteiner’s prime material of choice is gold, which she crafts into fascinating ring compositions in a fabulous multitude and diversity of forms. While one special feature of her silver necklaces is unprocessed amber tellingly placed in floral settings, her earrings evoke the glory of golden flowers in bloom.