Italian Jewellery Art

  • Maria Rosa Franzin & Gigi Mariani
  • 14 Sept - 14 Oct 2017

Maria Rosa Franzin, brooch CASA ANIMA

Gigi Mariani, ring PAINTING

Maria Rosa Franzin at the opening.

The exhibiton has been opened!

Gigi Mariani

Maria Rosa is explaining her brooch CASA ANIMA – the soul´s house.

In its first exhibition after the summer break, the Slavik Gallery is presenting new works by Maria Rosa Franzin and Gigi Mariani. One thing common to these two artists from Italy is their cultivation of the painterly element in art jewellery.

Maria Rosa Franzin plays with the surfaces of her works, polishing, hammering, chasing, and using gold as a colour. Whether applied with the brush or sprayed on, the warm tones of the gold create an exciting contrast with the silver ground. This basic picture is given a graphic dimension with striking colour highlights created by coral, sapphire or synthetic materials, or with elements in wood or moving steel wire.

Gigi Mariani draws inspiration from his natural spontaneity and instinct. His impulsive way of letting his day-to-day feelings flow into his creativity generates unique and sculptural works of jewellery art. His intuitive approach is balanced with the use of exact geometrical forms, so that everything falls into its right and fitting place. Like Maria Rosa Franzin, Gigi Mariani also treats the metal surface like a canvas on a painter’s easel.

We invite you and your friends to come and discover the special worlds of Rosa Maria Franzin and Gigi Mariani. We look forward to seeing you!

Renate Slavik & Jutta Pietsch