Winter Journey

  • artists of the gallery
  • 22 Nov 2017 - 3 Feb 2018

Ralph Bakker, necklace, gold, silver vitreous enamel

Ulla & Martin Kaufmann, bangle TIRA, gold

Michael Becker, Maria Rosa Franzin, Helen Friesacher, Anna Heindl, Nicola Heidemann,Tomas Hoke, Jiro Kamata, Gigi Mariani, Melanie Nützel, Silke Trekel and others

Talking jewellery’ with the artist Tomas Hoke: 25.11.2017, 3 p.m.

Interviewer: Dr Claudia Lehner-Jobst

This year’s Winter Journey is once again taking us to a wide range of exciting jewellery destinations. The exhibition is a veritable firework display of creations in materials ranging from gold, silver and bronze through stainless steel to enamel and porcelain. Whether magically enchanting, severely sober, sparklingly witty or deeply poetic, these widely varying works all come from the hands of artists whose creative powers are a source of never-failing fascination and delight.

While the last twenty-five years have seen Tomas Hoke devoting himself principally to large-scale metal sculptures, in 2016 our twenty-fifth anniversary prompted the artist to return to his art jewellery roots. He and his brother, it may be recalled, also gave our gallery its original architectural design. The characteristic hallmarks of Tomas Hoke’s jewellery are a powerfully sculptural quality and the use of strikingly unusual materials. Come and hear him talk in an interview and discussion session on 25 November.

We extend a warm invitation to you and you friends to join us on a Winter Journey that will surely be the climax of the current year!

Renate Slavik & Jutta Pietsch

Artist Talk with Tomas Hoke

25 Nov. 2017 3 p.m.

Renate Slavik and Claudia Lehner- Jobst talking to Tomas Hoke.

A necklace of Tomas Hoke of the 1990 proudly presented.

Clients, artists and friends of the gallery.

And a necklace of 2016!

A journey through time: works from 1979 onward.

Tomas Hole – striking jewellery sculptures in unusual materials.

A necklace from the 1990ies!

The artist shows how to wear the bracelet.

Bracelet 1986

Tomas Hoke presents his latest light installation at Klagenfurt`s train station.