Art Photography meets Art Jewellery with Julia Wesely

  • Ralph Bakker, Isolde Baumhackl, Anna Heindl,
    Stefano Marchetti and many others
  • 20 Sept - 13 Oct 2018

Ralph Bakker, necklace, vitreous enamel, gold, silver,

foto by Julia Wesely

Ralph Bakker, necklace, vitreous enamel, gold, silver,

foto by Julia Wesely

Ralph Bakker, necklace, niello, gold, silver, foto by Julia Wesely

The art of jewellery and the art of photography have now come together in an exceptional collaboration between the Slavik Gallery and the photographer Julia Wesely. This project is reaching its culmination in the unique exhibition ART PHOTOGRAPHY MEETS ART JEWELLERY featuring Julia Wesely’s photos of select pieces of art jewellery worn by special friends of the gallery at equally special locations in Vienna. The original jewellery will also be on show, making for a fascinating dialogue between art jewellery and Julia Wesely’s art photography.

Julia Wesely is well-known for her unusual photo-stagings and quirky, actionist-style mises en scène. In her sensational portraits of famous musicians from all spheres of the music world she has demonstrated an exceptional gift for capturing her subject’s inmost soul. Aside from this speciality, her photographic compositions have something in common with still-lifes in the world of painting.

A picture can say more than a thousand words. With this thought in mind, we invite you and your friends to join us at what will certainly be an unforgettable and well-attended exhibition!

With warmest greetings

Renate Slavik & Jutta Pietsch


Opening on 20 September 2018

First sight at the fascinating pictures of Julia Wesely at the entrance of the gallery.

Julia´s extraordinary fotos bring new life into the rooms of the Slavik Gallery.

Isolde Baumhackl and Renate Slavik

Taking a look at the exciting fotoshootings.

Shortly before the opening….

Renate Slavik is thanking Julia Wesely for her great work.

“Catching the sun”, neckpiece and object by Isolde Baumhackl.

Young and old alike love Julia´s vivid fotos and the thrilling unique pieces of jewellery art.

Heidi Bollmann is watching the extraordinary unique pieces.

Renate Slavik and Isolde Baumhackl in a lively conversation with a customer from Graz.

Liliana Reyes and her daughter Clea.

Julia and her daughter Viola – the most beautiful jewels…