A question of transformation

  • Mirjam Hiller & Attai Chen
  • 14 May - 20 June

Attai Chen, brooch “matter of persepective”, paper, colour, silver, wood

Mirjam Hiller, Brosche “Blume, orange” Edelstahl,  Farbe

In these challenging times, the Slavik Gallery’s new exhibition brings you positive and creative energy in the form of artistic nourishment. Under the topic ‘A QUESTION OF TRANSFORMATION’, our artists show their special feeling for the heartbeat of our constantly changing world.

Mirjam Hiller and Attai Chen have very special gifts for transformation and for creating sculptural art jewellery – each one thrusting out into the third dimension in a very different and special way.

Mirjam Hiller’s brooches transport us into an enchanted world rich in colour and imagination, inhabited by marine creatures, luxuriant flowers and magnificent plants and fruits. Inspired by nature, architecture and the world around her – and attracted equally by chaos and order, beauty and scurrility alike – Mirjam Hiller has developed an artistic language all of her own. At the touch of her magical hands, single pieces of sheet copper or stainless steel are sawn up, bent and folded into shape to be transformed into true wonders of jewellery art.

Making jewellery out of microparticles of paper – is that possible? Yes, it is – this is the unusual material that the Israeli jewellery artist Attai Chen chooses for his fascinating, feather-light creations. Intricate, many-layered landscapes featuring complex architecture are transformed into striking miniature sculptures under the title ‘A matter of perspective’ Attai Chen lets a multiplicity of elements flow into his work: the spirit and culture of our time, his own environment, and his personal understanding and vision of reality.

We want to strengthen your wings to enable you to defy the challenges of these difficult times – and fly to your dreams! Come to the Slavik Gallery and tank up with positive energy – we are looking forward to seeing you at the exhibition!

With warmest greetings

Renate Slavik and Jutta Pietsch