Geometry meets sculpture

  • Annelies Planteydt, Jiri Sibor & Giovanni Sicuro
  • 15 Oct - 14 Nov 2020

Annelies Planteydt, necklace “beautiful city – black crystal pink stairs”, gold, tantalum, pigment

In these challenging times, the Slavik Gallery’s new exhibition offers artistic nourishment to bring you added positive and creative energy. Come and be entranced by the exhibition’s fascinating contrasts: geometrical necklaces by the Dutch jewellery artist Annelies Planeteydt, miniature works of sculpture by the Italian Giovanni Sicuro, and paragons of clarity in glass and stainless steel by the Czech master Jiri Sibor.

This time, Annelies Planteydt has found inspiration for the geometrical forms of her necklaces in objects from her private everyday environment: a textile-structured linen towel of her grandmother’s, a small pocket mirror, or a book that made a particular impression upon her. In response, she has created eye-catching images to accompany these everyday items.

Fascinated by geometrical simplicity, Jiri Sibor plays with the effect of light shining on stainless steel through coloured glass rods or acrylic glass. Circles and rectangles, varied and combined in the third dimension, generate enthralling miniature art works that are a joy to wear.

For the Italian sculptor and jewellery artist Giovanni Sicuro, creating a piece of jewellery means finding the optimal combination between technique and material and between form and colour, made perfect through just the right surface texture.

We want to strengthen your wings to enable you to defy the challenges of these difficult times – and fly to your dreams! Come to the Slavik Gallery and tank up with positive energy – we are looking forward to seeing you at the exhibition!

With warmest greetings,

Renate Slavik and Jutta Pietsch