Same but different

  • Doris Betz & Jacqueline Ryan
  • 12 May - 18 June 2022

Jacqueline Ryan, Collier, Gold, Email

Doris Betz, Brosche “Tableau” 2, Zeichnung auf Polystyrol, Silber

The Slavik Gallery’s 2022 Vienna Festival exhibition promises to be a veritable feast for all lovers of fine art jewellery.

Doris Betz has a very sensitive talent for taking her own lively and fascinating line drawings and transforming them into totally unique works of art jewellery.

The art jewellery of Jacqueline Ryan is equally unique – but quite different. Her wonderful works in gold are little mobiles, constantly on the move – and constant sources of joy and happiness. Jacqueline calls her fascinating creations “miniatures of nature” and often gives them a fine glass enamel finish à la Lalique. Made up of loosely bound elements that shift with the wearer’s movements, her jewellery has a life of its own.

Come to the Slavik Gallery to discover unknown wonders!

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