Jewellery metamorphoses

  • Georg Dobler, Ylenia Deriu, Lilli Veers,
    Annamaria Zanella, Petra Zimmermann
  • 16 March - 07 May 2022
    opening: Thursday, 17 March 6 - 8 pm
    Ylenia Deriu and Petra Zimmermann will be present.

„Changing times“

Putin´s war is shocking the free world. A lot of admiration for all the Russian people, who take an uncompromising stand against this madness. Even more admiration for the Ukrainian people, who oppose and fight this madness.

We all try to help the Ukraine with our possibilities. Small hope is existing that this nightmare will soon find an end. Though the more important it is in these times that art is made, will be made and is passed on. This positive energy is fighting against this horror.

In the night to Thursday our artist Petra Zimmermann made her contribution and presented a beautiful pair of earrings at the opening “Jewellery metamorphoses”.

Dear friends of the Slavik Gallery,

we thank you for all the positive feed back! Some of you were interested in these beautiful earrings, today they were handed over to the new owner.

Nicola Heidemann was so enthusiastic about this idea, that she will continue our project with her necklace. Now Lilli Veers takes over with her necklace and pendant.

Renate Slavik and Jutta Pietsch

For the Ukraine

This necklace with pendant is part of our exhibition. If you donate € 520.- to Caritas Austria, it will be yours! Caritas Austria is helping people in the Ukrainian war.

Stand against the war with jewellery!

How does it work?

-reserve the jewellery at the Gallery Slavik under ++43 1 5134812 or

Donate € 520.- to Ukraine-Hilfe der Caritas Österreich

– your receipt is the voucher for the necklace and can be honoured immediately at the Slavik Gallery.


Annamaria Zanella, brooch “sky above Vienna”, gold, titanium

Petra Zimmermann, earrings “Ukraine”, silver, enamel, citrine drops

Metamorphosis – transformation – change – a process taking place in many ways of our lives on different levels. Sometimes we even do not notice. We can find this phenomenon also in the world of Jewellery Art. Our artists are masters in this field!

The Italian jewellery artist Ylenia Deriu transforms the tiniest creatures with a lot of love and care into wearable art pieces.

Georg Dobler creates highly imaginative brooches inspired by beetles of all kinds. Large, radiant precious stones are unusually placed to transform the sombre insects into glowing works of precious jewellery art.

Under Petra Zimmermann´s magical hands founds from the flea market turn into seducing jewellery creations – Alice in wonderland says hello!

Annamaria Zanella´s newest works are fascinating through her expressiveness and her extraordinary materials. Her bangle STAR DUST in the noble lapis lazuli blue of Giotto takes us near to heaven!

Discover the unknown!

Looking forward to guiding you and your friends through our fascinating jewellery world. We stand at the ready round the clock to dispatch our art jewellery to you all over the world.

Warmest greetings,

Renate and Jutta

Opening on Thursday, 17 March 2022 with Ylenia Dariu and Petra Zimmermann