Jewellery Art and Feather Finery

  • Gudrun Arp, Maria Baumschlager, Susanne Elstner, Birgit S. Metzger, Salima Thakker u.a.
  • 8 Feb - 18 March 2017

Birgit Sophie Metzger, headpiece feathers

Skin – hugging colliers by Gudrun Arp, enchanting feather creations by Maria Baumschlager and fascinating headpieces by Birgit S. Metzger.

Artist´s talk: 16 Feb 2017, 6 p.m.

G.Arp, S. Elstner, B.Metzger

Presentation: Elga Reiter – Trojan

February sees the Slavik Gallery launching its exciting cycle of exhibitions for the year 2017.

Gudrun Arp is displaying delicate, lightsome colliers with colours in gorgeously subtle shades. She turns the radiantly glowing plumage of European and exotic birds into the finest feathery art jewellery.

Susanne Elstner presents fascinating non-serial art jewellery in charcoal made with her own fair hand in collaboration with an experienced charburner. While the bark structures and age rings form decorative surfaces, the charcoal contrasts strikingly with its supports of delicately granulated gold wire or smooth shining silver.

Birgit Metzger calls herself – in an apt pun – a practitioner of hat couture. Foremost amongst her works on show at the Slavik Gallery will be flamboyant plumed headdresses: eye-catchingly elegant and with telling touches of wit and amorous charm.

Maria Baumschlager fashions guineafowl, cockerel or pheasant plumage into spectacular shoulder-hugging creations that will equally well with a tweed suit or a short black evening dress.

Conquer the wet February and late-winter blues with joie de vivre, pizazz and glorious colours! We have all these in plenty and invite you and your friends to join us at the exhibition!

Renate Slavik & Jutta Pietsch




Birgit Sophie Metzger, Susanne Elstner and GudrunArp.

Birgit Sophie Metzger, Susanne Elstner and GudrunArp.

Gerti Machacek is wearing Gudrun Arp´s necklace of blue goose feathers.

Renate Slavik with Helfried Kodré wearing a cool hat.

The actress Edwarda Gurrola with a necklace of swan and flamingo.

Heidi Hinze with a necklace of budgie´s feathers.

The singer and actress Anita Eberwein and her little daughter with a hat by Metzger, a necklace by Arp and a brooch by Elstner.

Renate Slavik, Susanne Elstner, Gudrun Arp, Jutta Pietsch and Birgit Metzger.