Jewellery art and feathery finery

  • Ralph Bakker, Maria Baumschlager, Rike Bartels, Jiro Kamata, Birgit S. Metzger, Anna Heindl a.o.
  • 7 February - 17 March 2018

Maria Baumschlager, shawl, dots, dots…., guinea fowl, mohair, pearls

The radiant colours and infectious joie de vivre of the Slavik Gallery’s exhibition is sure to keep spirits up in the winter months. At its centre are highly imaginative feather creations and works of jewellery art with an irresistible appeal to the senses.

Birgit Metzger creates a wide variety of unique hats and lightsome feathery headpieces: cheeky, witty and somewhat wacky but totally smart and striking. Every piece of Metzger’s ‘hat couture’ is a piece to fall in love with – elegance with a smile and more than a hint of amorous charm.

In the hands of Maria Baumschlager, guineafowl, cockerel and pheasant plumage is transformed into shoulder-hugging wraps that look just as good on an evening dress as over a winter coat. For the ball they are perfectly complemented with a special feathery purse.

The exhibition abounds in pieces that cannot fail to raise the heart throb: exclusive and fascinating rings from Anna Heindl and Rike Bartels, exceptional colliers in silver and glass by Jiro Kamata, shimmering in all the colours of the rainbow, and last but not least, enamel neck jewellery of outstandingly high quality from Ralph Bakker.

Glorious colours, sparkling pizazz and irrepressible zest for life are proven antidotes against the rain and slush of the late-winter blues! Come and take your fill – and invite your friends to join us too!

Renate Slavik & Jutta Pietsch