Shimmer of pearls

  • Paula Crespo, Anna Heindl, Nicola Heidemann, Letizia Plankensteiner, Stepahnie Jendis, Gerti Machacek, Martin Spreng, Lilli Veers u.a.
  • 18 March - 9 May 2020

Gerti Machacek, ring sculpture “dancing pearl”, Akoya – pearl, mother of pearl, Gold

Anna Heindl, ring sculpture “star gazer”, red gold, pearls, steel

Paula Crespo, Susanne Elstner, Sabine Hauss, Nicola Heidemann, Anna Heindl, Stephanie Jendis, Christine & Erika Leitner, Gerti Machacek, Letizia Plankensteiner, Kayo Saito, Martin Spreng, Lillie Veers

For thousands of years, pearls have been loved as a luxurious and mysterious jewellery medium fit for queens, princes and ordinary men and women alike. That the pearl grows in unspectacular seashells has given rise to innumerable legends and fairy tales. With its silkily smooth surface, shimmering lustre, and colour tones ranging from a warm white through delicate pink to a metallic grey, this wonderful product of nature fully deserves the coveted position it holds in the world of jewellery art.

The exhibition SHIMMER OF PEARLS has inspired our artists to create extravagant tributes to this great ‘jewel’ of cultural and symbolic significance. Featuring combinations with gold, stainless steel or the light metal titanium, their unique masterpieces are a worthy celebration of the pearl’s inimitable elegance, preciousness and – purely and simply – beauty. The pearl’s natural perfection makes it a harmonious partner in combinations with contemporary ideas.

Anna Heindl combines pearls with simple stainless steel – typically, her collier pearls on the move has an irresistible appeal based on clear forms and a perfect unity between two strikingly different materials. Nicola Heidemann takes pearls back to the element of their origin – water. In her necklace composed of lightweight water-blue titanium elements, bright pearls flash into view with the movements of the wearer.

Susanne Elstner brings together the two elements of Fire and Water – by placing her pearls on wood coal, she creates striking colour and structure contrasts with the smooth, radiantly white pearl. Gerti Machacek has an eye-catching way of incorporating pearls into her dark-grey titanium ring figures. In her ear jewellery the artist combines the shell material mother-of-pearl with elegant dark-grey titanium in clear, flowing forms.

Come and be swept off your feet by these exceptional creations of pearl jewellery! We are happy to send our artists´ pieces of arts all around the world.

Looking forward to making you happy!

With warmest greetings,

Renate Slavik and Jutta Pietsch