Art Jewellery in the starry starry night

  • Jacqueline Ryan and the gallery´s artists
  • 25 June - 31 July 2020

Jacqueline Ryan, brooch and earrings, gold, vitreous enamel, Foto: Julia Wesely

Jacqueline Ryan, Margarita de Norante Martino, Clara Niubo, Karola Torkos, Simone Winkler, Annamaria Zanella, Petra Zimmermann u.a.

The Slavik Gallery becomes a starry night sky, reflected with airy lightness in a host of highly imaginative art jewellery. Many of our artists have made good use of the Corona months and their new works are crying out for you to see them.

The stars give a special sparkle to the precious stones on Elisabeth Heine’s fabulous cocktail party rings in stainless steel and white gold.

Also waiting upon your visit are striking brand-new creations by Annamaria Zanella such as her seductive RED MOSAICS necklace, colourful brooches by Margit Jäschke, and delicate knitted undergarments by Margeritha de Martino Norante. Petra Zimmermann’s jewellery is totally out of the ordinary: refreshing summer rain falls from the clouds in topaz droplets, exciting and feathery light!

This year’s summer exhibition ART JEWELLERY IN THE STARRY STARRY NIGHT is a feast of colours and irresistible forms.

We are looking forward so much to greeting you in the new maskless freedom and to showing you the variety of our artists’ jewellery.