Jewellery art – sinergie

  • Heidemarie Herb & Helfried Kodré
  • 22 March - 28 April 2018

Heidemarie Herb & Helfried Kodré, brooch, silver, pigment

Opening on 22 March 2018 with Heidemarie Herb and Helfried Kodré

Renate, Jutta, Heidemarie, Helfried, Kordula

Many clients and friends came to see.

Interested visitors.

brooch “fan” made of silver by Helfried Kodré


Bangle by Heidemarie Herb.

The Slavik Gallery is greeting the spring with an exciting display of new art jewellery from Heidemarie Herb and Helfried Kodré. While these two artists share a love of geometry and a fascination with clear, linear forms, they interpret these orientations quite differently. This very difference has made for a highly fertile artistic partnership and we are happy to be showcasing a number of works resulting from their cooperation in this exhibition.

In the work of Heidemarie Herb the severity of the geometrical form is alleviated by ornamental braided borders and ruffles. Her rectangular brooches enclosing only a void are works of art in their own right. Furthermore, she achieves a fascinating interplay between colour and surface by harmonizing the shades in her decoration. Running like a golden thread through her work are two elements which she strives to hold in balance: colour and lightness.

After working the surfaces of rectangles and squares, Helfried Kodré mounts them over and inside one another to create clearly geometrical miniature sculptures. Some of his smaller-scale sculptures take the form of rings, decorated with fields of lapis lazuli, granite or turquoise. Kodré brings together surfaces or rods in gold, silver and white gold and makes them into a dynamic unity. When he makes brooches in this manner, his interpretation of geometry is highly sculptural, thrusting out into all three dimensions.

We invite you and your friends to attend this fascinating exhibition and look forward to seeing you at the gallery!

With warmest greetings

Renate Slavik & Jutta Pietsch