Art Jewellery – Poetry meets geometry

  • Isolde Baumhackl & Kayo Saito
  • 17 Oct - 16 Nov 2019

Isolde Baumhackl, necklace, silver gold plated

foto: Julia Wesely

In this exhibition the Slavik Gallery invites its friends to tune into a lively dialogue between the powerfully geometrical objects of the Austro-German jewellery artist Isolde Baumhackl and the delicate, nature-inspired works of the Japanese artist Kayo Saito. Common to their original and striking jewellery are the precious metals of gold and silver, which the two artists work into their objects in quite different ways.

Isolde Baumhackl invariably makes geometry the point of departure when designing her works, creating an unfailingly fascinating interplay of lines, shapes and surfaces – whether in her boldly expansive necklaces made up of variously fashioned large metal elements or her highly architectural brooches, or indeed in larger-format objects rich in eye-catching effects of light, shade and shadow. Now and then, quite unexpectedly, her objects feature small decorative details such as little coral roses or uncut diamonds that sparkle in the sunlight.

Kayo Saito has a magical gift for recreating flower and leaf forms in gold and silver. She crafts finely articulated, skin-hugging necklaces and enchanting brooches intricately composed of delicate leaves. In her filigree ear jewellery layers are built up until they flower in a proudly opened bloom. Each work of hers is a precious treasure combining rare delicacy with resolutely sculptural form.

Come ready for unexpected surprises – we are looking forward to seeing you!

With warmest greetings,

Renate Slavik & Jutta Pietsch

Opening on 17 Oct 2019 with Isolde and Kayo

Renate is opening this great exhibition with  a lot of joy!

Katahrina Kielmann is describing the art pieces in a very poetic way.

A very strong and geometric brooch made of copper by Isolde

Isolde and an enthusiastic client

Kayo´s necklace can be worn as a bracelet, too!

Isolde und Anna Heindl

Renate Slavik with a collector from the USA and Isolde Baumhackl

Kayo Saito and Nicola Heidemann, two colleagues

Birgit Wiesinger with her students from the Herbststrasse Kolleg for Jewellery Design

Such a wonderful and strong exhibition – thank you,  Kayo and Isolde!