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Franka Lechner, The divided sky, 2022, 180 x 160 cm


ich webe

das Wort

zu Stoff

suche seine Farbe

es wird Ort

wärmt die Wand


das Auge

Franka Lechner


Franka Lechner´s Universe

In her oeuvre the artist combines Fine Arts and literature. During all her life she has been painting and weaving. Her view of the world is reflected in her tapestries, paintings/ collages and in her poetry.

Weaving is a powerful metaphor for life. The thread that forms the fabric reaches deep into the subconscious mind, encompassing time and space, feelings and thoughts in dialogue with the inside and the outside. In some tapestries I “write” poems while weaving: color, light and shadow become vertical and horizontal structures: texture arranged into lines of an imaginary poem”.
In 2023, Franka Lechner received the Appreciation Award of the State of Lower Austria. Her poetry book WORTGEWEBT is available in bookstores.


New in our gallery


poetess of jewellery art


With indescribable grief we announce the sudden demise of the outstanding artist and our friend Annamaria Zanella, she had been closely connected to the Slavik Gallery for decades.

Her wonderful creativity, the fascinating choice of material and her preference for Giotto´s lapis lazuli blue are reflecting in her sculptural and three dimensional jewellery art works. She will live forever in her great works and in our hearts.

We will miss her shining, her bubbling energy, her breathtaking inner power and human kindness.

Our thoughts are with her beloved husband Renzo Pasquale and her family.

Annamaria Zanella – biography

At the retrospective show of Annamaria Zanella “tra materia e colori” at the Oratorio di San Roco in Padova, Italy in June 2019, the happy artist in the centre.

Spot on

Ed and Tomas Hoke – a frame of glass and steel

33 years ago the interior design of the Slavik Gallery was created by Edmund and Tomas Hoke. This architectonic masterpiece has brought us clients from all over the world. Its timeless design is really made for presenting the extraordinary pieces of art jewellery made by our artists.

With a lot of joy we present you a clip about the gallery from the documentary of the Austrian Television ORF “Denkende Hände. Die Kunst der Familie Hoke _ “Thinking hands. The arts of the Hoke family.”

Our message in these challenging times

Dear friends of the Slavik Gallery,

for 33 years we have passionately promoted Contemporary Jewellery Art worldwide. Each unique and handmade piece is connected to a very special and exceptional artistic personality.

We are all experiencing disruptions to our normal way of life. In this situation, we want to encourage you to enjoy art now more than ever.

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How to
find us

Our gallery is located in Himmelpfortgasse in Vienna’s historic city centre, no distance from the winter palace of the art-lover Prince Eugene of Savoy.

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Life at
the gallery

Read more about life in our gallery in the interview with Renate Slavik and Jutta Pietsch on Art Jewelry Forum. In 2023 it will continue to be our foremost priority to promote international art-jewellery of the highest quality and to present our own personal selection to!

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words woven


The textile artist, painter and poetess weaves her words into fabrics in which time and space are fused. Her magical touch generates magnificently colourful tapestries that radiate warmth for the eye – and for the places where they hang.


Franka Lechner biography

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