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With enormous passion and energy Renate Slavik has been informing since 26 years about the character of Jewellery Art, with a committment to her artists she goes the challenging way – selling unique pieces of Jewellery Art.

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2016 is a special year for the Slavik Gallery: our 25th anniversary, which  we are celebrating with a round of special activities. Every month there is an open discussion – “Talking Jewellery” – with selected artists from our distinguished roster.

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Our gallery is located in Himmelpfortgasse in Vienna’s historic city centre, no distance from the winter palace of the art-lover Prince Eugene of Savoy.

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25 Years Galerie Slavik –  two anniversary exhibitions

Jewellery City Talk on 6 May 2016

Winter Journey on 18 Nov 2016


On 20 October 2016 Renate Slavik was presenting the Gallery Slavik´s Grassi award at the Grassi Museum in Leipzig, Germany.


The award winner Melanie Nützel and her fantastic creations in jewellery art.

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Artist of the month

Stephan Hampala

In 1901 Hugo von Hofmannsthal lived in the house in Himmelpfortgasse in Vienna which today houses the Slavik Gallery. Here he completed the libretto for an action ballet entitled “Der Triumph der Zeit” (The Triumph of Time) But the motif of the passing of time repeatedly appears in operatic work: in the Rosenkavalier (The Knight of the Rose), this topic causes melancholic resignation in the Marschallin, whereas in Ariadne auf Naxos (Ariadne on Naxos), the harlequin and his comedians subtly mock the passing of time. Jewellery art in changing times – Hofmannsthal for Renate Slavik.

brooch Hofmannsthal #1

Harlequin: “Though sorrow leaves its mark today, as time goes by it fades away.”


brooch Hofmannsthal #2

Marschallin: “For time is a mysterious thing. We go on living, time has no meaning, but there comes a moment when time is all we feel.”

Stephan Hampala Künstlerprofil