the fascination of the hybrid

artist talk on Saturday, 23 Nov 2019 at 3 p.m.

moderation: Claudia Lehner-Jobst

Petra Zimmermann collects bags and purses from the 19th century made of chain fabric. She uses single parts, adds something new, puts them together in a different way, shortens them. So she translates its meaning into the 21st century and tells a completly new story. Full of bright colours, decorated with sparkling stones she shakes off the dusty splendour of the historic fashion jewellery.



Opening of the exhibition SOUNDS OF THE EARTH on 19 September 2019

with Silvia Walz and Ramon Puig Cuyàs 

Artist talk with Rike Bartels on 12 September 2019 

moderation: Katharina Kielmann

Vienna City Gallery Walk

Summer party on 27 June 2019, 6 p.m.





Retrospective of ANNAMARIA ZANELLA at the oratorio di San Rocco in Padova , Italy


until 14 July 2019

A great selection of Annamaria Zanella´s incredibly rich artistic opus was arranged by the curator Mirella Cisotto Nalon and the artist. The visitor „walks“ through fictious rooms – le stanze – where the art jewellery pieces are presented according to the power of their colours, shapes and materials. It is really a fantastic experience.
Renate Slavik has been watching Zanella´s artistic and creative development for a long time. Now she has been working with her for more than 20 years and she is still fascinated and enthusiastic.

artist´s profile Annamaria Zanella




Kazumi Nagano & Stefano Marchetti

Opening on 9 May 2019

Nature is a great source of inspiration for Marchetti, but not just what we see as we take a walk in a forest or dive in the seas, but what we do not yet know about nature, or what can only be seen through the eager eyes of natural sciences. Stefano looks beyond the surface, often to create a literally wonderful surface in a piece of jewellery.

Naganos`s jewellery is woven from different materials, such as Japanese paper, gold or silver. The results are sculptural objects with great delicacy, and yet an almost monumental strength. Like blossoms unfolded, wrapped treasures or lanterns in the wind, Kazumi´s paper brooches seem to keep a poet´s secret.






Renate Slavik and friends went to see the two exhibtions  TOMAS HOKE – KOSMOS 4d at Carinthia´s Museum of Modern Art, the MMKK, and TOMAS HOKE – 2d at the Gallery Alpen Adria Galerie in Klagenfurt, an incredibly fascinateing look back on 40 years of artwork.

Tomas and Edmund Hoke had won the architectural competition to create the interior design of the Slavik Gallery. Their design has proved its timelessness and continues to meet our needs perfectly Its transparency and the large rotating bronze disk that protrudes through the glass storefront into the street impress those who visit the gallery.

Künstlerprofil Tomas Hoke

In front of the Gallery Alpe Adria in the city of Klagenfurt.

Some of the art jewellery pieces that Tomas Hoke had made for the first exhibition of the Slavik Gallery in 1990.


Mirror Neuro Cloud 4 WV 723 2014, 150 x 95 x 80 cm, steel

An evening dedicated to the jewellery legend


on 4 April 2019

Birgit Wiesinger, Defner´s assistant and friend, now teacher at the high school for Art and Design at Vienna`s Herbststrasse, Heidemarie Herb, intimate during her last years and Renate Slavik, closely related through their long lasting cooperation were talking about this especially warm-hearted, intuitive and creative personality.

We are very sorry to tell you that our highly estimated and loved artist Elisabeth Jesus Gu. Defner passed away on 8 June 2017, which is a sad loss to the art jewelry scene. One of our first exhibitions featured her works. She at the time was one of Austria’s most important and best-known jewelry artists.  Defner had a strong formative influence on developments in art jewelry, especially in the 1970s, and was active right up until she died.

For the Vienna City Gallery Walk Takayoshi Terajima came to the Slavik Gallery with his not yet closed “omamori”, Japanese for lucky charms. One of  our customers was fascinated by this beautiful idea and the special treatment of the surface. She got a letter written on thin Japanese paper to put inside. Happily Takayoshi closed the object.

Many customers loved this wonderful idea. A lady is thinking about getting an omamori for her mother´s wedding ring.

If you are looking for a very special present to a dear person think of an omamori by Takayoshi Terajima.


4 Oct 2018, 4 – 9 p.m.

(Vienna City Gallery Walk)

The Japanese artist puts your wishes in a lucky charm, which he will be closing for you personally after an old tradition.

Taka loves to work with metall. The surfaces of the unique jewellery pieces are worked in a very special way.



artists of the gallery

Vernissage: 20 September 2018, 6 to 8 p.m.

The art of jewellery and the art of photography have now come together in an exceptional collaboration between the Slavik Gallery and the photographer Julia Wesely. This project is reaching its culmination in the unique exhibition ART PHOTOGRAPHY MEETS ART JEWELLERY featuring Julia Wesely’s photos of select pieces of art jewellery worn by special friends of the gallery at equally special locations in Vienna.

Foto by Julia Wesely

Grassi – Award 2017 of the Slavik Gallery in Leipzig

This year the German jewellery artist  Svenja John received the Grassi  Award of the Slavik Gallery. The jury was convinced of her works of polycarbonate Makrolon that are made of computer based cutting systems.

Winter Journey – 25 years of the Slavik Gallery

Eindrücke der Vernissage der zweiten Jubiläumsausstellung im November 2016

Jewellery City Talk – 25 years of the Slavik Gallery

Eindrücke der Vernissage der ersten Jubiläumsausstellung am 4.Mai 2016

Grassi – Award 2016 of the Slavik Gallery in Leipzig

The award winner 2016 Melanie Nützel

For the Slavik Gallery the year 2016 was a very special year, we were celebrating our 25th anniversary with many activities. The two largest exhibitions of the year, “Jewellery City Talk” in May and “Winter Journey” in November were each accompanied by a richly illustrated catalogue. Once a month in this anniversary year we were inviting two jewellery artists to take part in an open discussion in the gallery.

Schmuckgespräch am 13. Februar 2016 mit der Schmuckkünstlerin Nicola Heidemann und der Federkünstlerin Maria Baumschlager

Nicola Heidemanns Kosmos:
Ich träume Schmuck, ich bin neugierig auf das was sich entwickelt in einem immer währenden Dialog zwischen der Natur und mir.
Als Schöpfer kann ich mich nicht wirklich empfinden.
Eher als Sammler.
Ich sammle Andeutungen, Eindrücke, Assoziationen.
Ein Stück Holz kann mich begeistern, ein Schatten auf einem Stein, ein Glitzern auf einer Wasseroberfläche.
Die unvollständigen Dinge sind es die mich faszinieren.
Die nicht ergründeten Geheimnisse.
Sie lassen mir und auch dem Betrachter Raum für eigene Vorstellungen.
Im besten Fall kann er sich erinnern an einen schönen Tag am See, einen Waldspaziergang, einen Kieselstein.
Platten Tektonik, Vulkane und Gletscher haben unseren Planeten geformt.
Die Bedingungen für das Leben auf der Erde sind von diesen Voraussetzungen abhängig.
Wir haben die Möglichkeit die Erde zu kultivieren, zu formen, die Landschaften zu verwandeln.
Allerdings nur in einem gewissen Rahmen.
Wir sollten uns immer dessen bewusst sein, dass unser Leben nicht endlos ist, dass wir angesichts der geologischen Entwicklungen der Erde so klein und unbedeutend sind, und dass wir zur Natur gehören, nicht sie uns!
Unsere kleinlichen Konflikte um Besitz, Religion, und Macht sind so unbedeutend, wenn wir uns vor Augen führen wie alt dieser Planet ist, und wie grundlegend er sich schon verändert hat im Laufe von Jahrmillionen.
Mit meinem Schmuck möchte ich dieses Gefühl der Verbindung mit der Natur ausdrücken.
Ich liebe die Haptik von einem Stein am Strand. Diese Haptik versuche ich meinen Schmuckstücken zu geben.
Sodass derjenige der meine Schmuckstücke mit sich trägt immer darüber streichen kann.
Eine haptische Erinnerung so zu sagen.
Meine Arbeiten haben immer mehrere Dimensionen.
Eine Form und Oberfläche, und ein verstecktes Innenleben.
Und diese verborgenen Teile sind nur zu erahnen. Sie glitzern aus dem Inneren hervor ohne sich sofort zu erklären.

25 Years of Slavik Gallery – A Place of Passionate Art Presentation

This is indeed remarkable: for a quarter of a century the Slavik Gallery has presented the works of contemporary international jewellery artists and established itself as a place of encounters and passionate art appreciation.

At the Viennese address Himmelpfortgasse 17, stimulating moments occur when clients of the gallery find their unique piece of art jewellery and take home with them “art worn on their bodies”. Art simply must be acquired!

And the Slavik Gallery has been successful in this respect too for the past 25 years: even in economically challenging times it demonstrates its presence and perseverance in the exciting and not-always easy domain of contemporary jewellery art.

There would be no anniversary and definitely no anniversary celebrations if Renate Slavik and her team had not constantly mustered the enthusiasm, joy and expert knowledge to convey information about jewellery art, uncovered artistic innovations and promoted or sometimes provoked the ever growing number of artists working for the gallery.

Even the architectural aspect of the Slavik Gallery is something special. The rooms were designed by the Hoke brothers, architect Edmund and sculptor Thomas, in 1990. The objective was to create a setting in aesthetic harmony with the selected objets d’art, combined with a high degree of functionality and timelessness, which one can, even a quarter of a century later, still recognize as being more than a success.

Furthermore, the Slavik Gallery is a frequently visited place where architects derive inspiration and can learn: it is illustrated in various booklets on architecture and guides of Vienna. Thus we are dealing at once with an accessible objet d’art, a discernible museum of art jewellery and a gallery with unique pieces of jewellery on display.

And, of course, the Slavik Gallery would be unthinkable without its artists, representing the DNA, the creative foundation of this gallery.

The Slavik Gallery and its artists, and vice versa — the artists and their gallery — are complementary, interdependent and for 25 years have made the Slavik Gallery what it is today: a wonderful, inspiring, distinctive place, which will continue, as we all very much hope and wish, to be able to focus on artistic developments in the next 25 years!

-Dr. Heike Welz, extract from the interviews of the artists on March 12th, 2016

Schmuckgespräch am 9.April 2016 mit Gerti Machacek und Letizia Plankensteiner

Gerti Machacek sieht ihre plastischen Schmuckstücke als Erinnerungs- und Identifikationsobjekte. Letizia Plankensteiner bevorzugt das Material Gold, das sie in fantastischer Formenvielfalt zu spannenden Ringkompositionen verarbeitet.

Beiden Künstlerinnen ist der skulpturale Umgang mit den bevorzugten Werkstoffen Gold und Silber gemeinsam.