Winter journey

  • artists of the gallery
  • 18 Nov 2020 - 30 Jan 2021

Annamaria Zanella, brooch “blue rock”, gold, cork of an oak tree,  lapislazuli powder, acrylic, iron, silver

In spite of these extraordinary times, we want to stay in contact with you – and with the whole world! And to bring you art to give you pleasure and courage.

This exhibition is an exciting trip to top jewellery destinations the world over, where our artists have continued to create jewellery for you. Whether you are keeping an eye open for a brooch, a pair of earrings, a necklace or a ring, and whether you are looking for sober geometrical clarity or enchanting, eye-catching colours – here you will surely find a piece that is umistakably ‘you’ and brings out your own distinctive individuality.

What a wonderful world awaits you … delicate pearls in a sea of golden leaves by Kayo Saito, geometrically sculptural rings by Brigitte Bezold, earrings in sparkling uvarovite by Michael Becker, Annamaria Zanella’s radiant deep blue lapis lazuli brooch, a necklace woven from the finest golden wires by Kazumi Nagano, gold-enveloped baroque pearl earrings by Letizia Plankensteiner, an unwilting floral bouquet by Rike Bartels, a decorative collier of blackened silver stripes – order in chaos – by Birgit Hagmann, ebony plaques wound about with dainty haematite beads by Stephanie Jendis … and much much more …

Come and be nourished with the positive energy of our art jewellery!

We invite you and your friends most warmly to this ‘Winter Journey’ as the climax and high point of our jewellery year. We ship worldwide. Visit us on our homepage and as soon as it is possible we will also be at the ready to greet you at the gallery.

Renate Slavik & Jutta Pietsch