• Ulrike Kleine - Behnke & Silke Trekel
  • 15 Sept - 15 Oct 2022

Silke Trekel, brooch “universe”, 2021, maple painted,  linden, silver

Ulrike Kleine-Behnke, brooch “night”, 2020, silver, found object, acrylic

The Slavik Gallery starts into fall with a powerful and exciting presentation of the German jewellery artists Ulrike Kleine-Behnke and Silke Trekel.

The two of them are connected and very close because of their education at Burg Giebichenstein at Halle/ Saale, a traditional high school for Applied Arts where the artists of our Wiener Werkstätte also got their education – quality stays on!

They have been following different ways of design and choice of material. So we are looking forward to an exciting diversity of form, colour and materials – a wonderful MELANGE.

Ulrike Kleine-Behnke loves to work with silver. By folding, beating and bending, she transforms it into fascinating jewellery objects with volume. She creates great colourful contrasts like bright yellow or strong pink by the combination with plexi glass. Her work is dominated by a clear and reduced form which transmits lightness and a deep sense for aesthetics.

Silke Trekel, finalist for the Friedrich Becker Award in 2020 for her necklace FERN, joins the lightness of the material and the minimalistic form, but in an rather architectonic way. Inspired by Far Eastern and Western cultures she plays with all kinds of different materials like titanium, industrial porcelain, iron or balsa. Balanced between the simplicity of the form and the richness of details jewellery objects of tension and full of harmony are waiting to be proudly presented on the body – art to wear.

We are looking forward to your visit!


Renate and Jutta

Opening on Thursday, 15 Sept. 2022