Hommage an Annamaria Zanella

  • in memory of Annamaria
  • 14 - 17 June 2023

Annamaria Zanella, bangle „rosso corallo“, 2022, silver, acrylic, enamel, magnets

Renate, Annamaria and Renzo

When the sun of life sets, the stars of memory shine

With a lot of joy and enthusiasm we may present Annamaria Zanella´s work. During her lifetime she had always given us fascinating fireworks of jewellery art and a beaming joie de vivre.

Annamaria´s work is full of life, intensity and great expression as she had lived her life. As a close companion of many many years, as an art lover and owner of the gallery we want to celebrate her life work with you.

Her wonderful and endless creativity, her extraordinary choice of material and her preference of Giotto´s lapis lazuli blue are reflected in the impressive sculptural jewellery art creations. With her works she will be forever staying in our hearts.

Her pieces will also be shown on our coming exhibition JEWELLERY ART IN THE STARRY STARRY NIGHT 21 June – 29 July 2023.

We are looking forward to your coming and to sharing our memories of Annamaria all together!