Whispering Jewellery

  • Sarah Cossham, Anna Heindl, Nicola Heidemann, Petra Zimmermann
  • 15 March - 29 April

Anna Heindl, ring sculpture “HO PE”, white gold, aquamarine, steel

With a lot of joy we start our exhibition JEWELLERY WHISPER with new unique jewellery art pieces by our artists. Many of them will tell you wonderful and exciting stories.

Entitled HOPE – the essence of life – this sculptural ring by Anna Heindl combines a certain severity with a touch of fairy-tale magic to give its wearer an aura of strength and grace. Her fascinating necklace “planets” made of different precious metals gives us the impressive heavenly bodies as sculpture to wear.

Sarah Cossham brings new life into old jewellery by using an old technique to cast metal with the help of wax. In this way she creates beautiful sparkling jewellery pieces that put us back into the Orient like “1000 and one night”.

Petra Zimmermann presents beautiful new ring sculptures like “the lake” getting stunned by the endless depth of a blue blue lake.

The blue – gold of the new necklaces by Nicola Heidemann recall the mystique world of the pharaohs during ancient Egypt.

We are closing our tour of this diverse and wide offer with Rike Bartel´s ring sculpture „the bateleur“, who is whispering funny stories.

Looking forward to welcoming you soon,

best wishes

Renate and Jutta