Jewellery in continuity and change

  • Bruno Martinazzi, Michael Becker, Elisabeth J.Gu.Defner, Helfried Kodré, Kazumi Nagano
  • 1 Feb - 16 March 2024

Bruno Martinazzi, brooch “Angelo”, gold

The new year has begun and with a lot of engagement and enthusiasm we are starting with master pieces of our artists in our exhibition JEWELLERY IN CONTINUITY AND CHANGE.

The most important driving force has always been the imaginative, creative power of our artists. They have conceived jewellery art that could hardly be more dissimilar and diverse. Each unique piece convinces of its quality and meaning.

More than ever we need jewellery as an expression of our individuality, as value added that will never fall prey, to the vagaries of crisis or fashion.

In this sense, jewellery has never been a luxury, but always one of life´s necessities.

Timeless beauty – that´s what Bruno Martinazzi´s wonderful art pieces are made of. On 10 December 2023, Bruno Martinazzi would have celebrated his hundredth birthday. This great artist will live for ever in his incomparable works of art.

We are looking forward to seeing you soon in our gallery!

With warm wishes, Renate and Jutta